Higher Ground

Higher Ground is our Sunday morning Children's Ministry that offers age appropriate classrooms for infants through 6th grade during the 10:15AM worship service.

We want our children to "CLIMB" to get to Higher Ground:

Community is to develop spiritually healthy friendships (fellowship)
Love is to experience God's love for themselves and to learn to love and serve others.
Imitate is to be imitators of Jesus Christ as they are discipled from the Word of God.
Magnify is to magnify Jesus Christ through worship and prayer.
Bold is to be bold in sharing their faith in Jesus Christ.



Our nursery is located in the south main hallway with an inviting North woods theme. It exists to provide childcare for newborns through 24-month-old children. Infants are lovingly cared for in our nursery room by staff and volunteers. There they are held, rocked, and talked with. All infants are welcome to come and be loved! We are staffed by volunteers from the church body and try to have one worker for every 2-3 babies. Our nursery is safe, clean, and filled with age-appropriate toys. At your first visit to the nursery you will receive an information sheet that will answer any questions or concerns that you may have. You can download that information here also.

For new mothers or those who choose to keep their child with them during the worship service, we offer a parents' room complete with comfortable seating, a restroom with baby changing station, and a live audio/visual feed of the worship service. It is located out the back doors of the worship area, up the stairs, to the left then the right! Ushers will gladly direct you there.



Preschoolers have a room of their own where they enjoy safe, fun, Christ centered activities, stories, play time and positive interaction with the youth and adult volunteer staff. Our preschool teacher strives to make this an exciting, inviting place to learn of Jesus. 


Kindergarten - 6th Grade

These children begin their Sunday morning making a joyful noise to the Lord with upbeat children's music and background visuals that are sure to instill the gospel message in their young hearts. After worship time they then break into age specific classrooms for Biblical teaching from Gods' Word. There are fun, interactive, age appropriate application activities to reinforce their lesson time. It is a great time for the children to begin learning to explore God's Word, to have a regular time of group worship, and to fellowship with their peers. 

Our goal in Sunday morning Higher Ground ministry is to partner with you to lead children to Christ and to help them grow spiritually.